Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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"We have received our scales, thank you and they are perfect!!" (French translation)
     Catherine Jobin - Réserves fauniques Assinica et AMW, Chibougamau, Quebec [4 x 235-6X Hanging Scales]

"Thanks to you Brian. Your service is exemplary." (French translation)
     Jean-Pierre Tremblay - Professeur-adjoint/assistant professor, Département de biologie, Université Laval, Quebec [CS-1000 Crane Scale]

"Good customer service is getting more rare these days; however, it is nice to see that as a representative of Salter Brecknell, you still maintain the excellent standard of your reputation."
     Guy Longo - Oshawa, Ontario [RGT160 Medical / Vet Scale]

"You have been a pleasure to work with. Thank you for all your efforts and patient support. This is what customer relationship management is all about, well done. Hope to work with you and your company again in the future."
     Alan Jacob - ADF Diesel, Mississauga, Ontario [PS-500 Floor Scale]

"I would like to thank you for your service as well as your diligence." (French translation)
     Sylvianne Boucher - Friperie de l'Est, St-Jean Baptiste, Quebec [PS-1000 Floor Scale]

"Thanks a million for helping us out! -Brian!!"
     Kelly Chisholm - IWK Midwifery Clinic, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia [Electro Samson Digital Hanging Scale]

"The service, information and recommendation of the scale to meet my needs was excellent."
     Trent Weninger - Lakeview Memorial Gardens, Kelowna, British Columbia [PS-2000 Floor Scale]

"We received the scale and it met our expectations."
     Naomi Bell - Midland, Ontario YMCA [RGT-160 Medical Scale]

"We are interested in ordering 2 scales we have seen on the website. We are currently using one and are happy with it. If you could send us 2 of them, that would be great!"
     Carrie McDonnell - Northumberland Veterinary Services, Colborne, Ontario [MS20S Baby Scale]

"I have 1 of these scales and love it. I have been bugging my midwifery partner to get 1 for ages as hers is an old fashioned spring loaded fish scale which is dubiously accurate. I am giving her the new one as a gift."
     Margaret Ramsey - Community Midwifery Care, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia [Electro Samson Digital Hanging Scale]

"Your scale will be used to weigh hay for my miniature donkeys (to keep them from getting fat!). I hope it works well, as I will let other breeders know - excellent price too! Thanks!"
     Leanne Rutley - Nixon Wenger LLP, Vernon, British Columbia [235-8S Mechanical Bench Scale]

"Thanks, Brian. The scale arrived last Wednesday, August 19. It set up easily and works great!"
     Barb Horricks - Sointula Wild Seafoods & Smokehouse, Sointula, British Columbia [S122 Bench Scale]


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